Showcase your marketing expertise, and all of the services you offer your clients. Our marketing page features a fully mobile responsive layout with room for large full width photos, and descriptions that can be as simple or as detailed as you please.

Online Presence

Your home for the world to see! As your agents, we will ensure that your home will be showcased with professional photography and concisely written, SEO savvy, verbiage.  With a marketing plan to showcase your property through social media, cutting edge website technology, mobile friendly listing platform, Re/Max world wide network, Multiple Listing Service – the best in the world, and other online media platforms, all are used to design a marketing plan specific to your property.

Social Media Exposure

Social media platforms are a quick and useful way to be seen by Buyers far and wide. Showcasing your home should require more thought than a press of a button.  We make sure we are reaching the right audience for your property at the right time. Our measured approach to social media marketing will leverage the best qualities of these platforms to market your home.

Custom Brochures

Beautiful, Clean and Bright!  All of our listings will have a beautifully curated brochure.  Your professionally shot photographs will be curated to display the best of your home. Every Buyer or Agent will take with them your custom designed brochure, floor plan and feature sheet, a perfect package of information at their finger tips!

Professional Photography

Making sure that your home and property are professionally photographed is essential. We work with some of the most talented photographers in the business, to make sure your home makes the best first impression.  Capturing what makes your home special is a big part of what the photographs will do in less time it would take for the Buyers to read about it.

Print Advertising

Tried and True, the longstanding tradition of print advertising is yet another part of our marketing strategy. Through local news papers, magazines and not so local publications, we can reach both a broad reader as well as one more specialized that pairs with the style and or location of your home. There is longevity in print media, a tangible quality that cannot be replicated in our digital mediums but one does compliments the other.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans are wonderful marketing tool, which all Buyers love to have.  With the plan in hand a Buyer can a very clear idea as to what they can do with the home. We want to give Buyers what they want and they want floor plans!

Open House and Private Viewing

Having Buyers and Agents walk into your home is one step away from selling your home. Our team looks forward to presenting your home in person so we have the opportunity to see the Buyers and Talk to the Buyers with their Agents. This personal interaction will make sure that we are actively selling your property and also to gather feed back which we will share with you.  With a dynamic real estate market, the way to stay one step ahead is to be present, actively listen and engage whenever possible.